About Garuda


Garuda takes its name from an Indian mythological sacred bird that can change shape according to its function. It’s inspired a more intelligent and intuitive way to exercise the body. Combining the spirituality, pranayama and asana practice of yoga, the core strength and focus of pilates and the balletic grace of dance, the Garuda  method is the answer to many people’s quest for a stronger, more flexible, toned body.

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With Garuda, your whole core is strengthened and nourished from within. The movements heal and rejuvenate, working intensely within the fascial lines of the body.  This comprehensive movement system created by James D'silva uses the breath as the principal guiding force which works to fire up the body with warmth and energy and calms down the nervous system. The routines are flowing and rhythmic, starting simply and blossoming into more complex patterns. Twists, curls and spirals encourage greater flexibility in the spine, giving free rein to the body to rediscover its natural desire to move, and providing a complete, joyful and mindful workout.


Benefits of Garuda

It has all the benefits of a robust cardiovascular workout, while stretching the mind as well as the body. Garuda is a test of mental strength as well as physical, demanding total concentration during the exercises.

Using the specially designed Garuda apparatus, mat or other complementary equipment you’ll learn to control your body through precise stretches and actions, placing an emphasis on smooth, seamless movements without any stress on joints. Through routines carefully choreographed, you’ll soon develop greater poise and control, and a leaner, more resilient body.Whether you’re recovering from a physical injury, looking for an alternative to traditional gym workouts or an accomplished athlete, Garuda will challenge you but the rewards will be considerable.

This soon becomes clear to students who end each session with a sense of accomplishment, as well as a deep feeling of serenity and wellbeing.

Put your mind back in touch with your body, and start experiencing what Garuda can do for you!

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