About Our Studio


Our Space

Pharonik Pilates is a beautiful studio, fully-equipped with professional Pilates apparatus, including: the universal reformer, tower/trapeze table, wunda chair, hi-chair, ladder barrel, ped-o-pul, and a variety of other small equipment. We also have a dressing room/bathroom on-site along with complimentary towels & water for our clients.


Magda trains Super Bowl 50 Champion Omar Bolden, safety and punt returner  of the Denver Broncos (2012- 2016).


Our Philosophy

Fitness and wellness are key to happiness! And true fitness comes from an exercise program that develops the body uniformly, and encourages movement in all ranges of motion. We passionately teach the many nuances of each movement and exercise so our clients experience the full benefit of Pilates as developed by Joseph H. Pilates. 

We know that Pilates benefits every BODY, and we love showing each and every client how Pilates can work for them. Whether we're training players from the Denver Broncos, helping our clients rehab an injury or working on building muscle tone and strength, we are endlessly excited to see the power of Pilates come to life! 



About The Owner, Magda Hashem


Magda Hashem

Magda is the owner and instructor at Pharonik Pilates. She discovered Pilates after the birth of her first child. During her first pregnancy, she gained 80 pounds. After having her child, Magda worked vigorously to lose the weight. She performed all kinds of exercise activities including running, aerobics, spinning, weight lifting, etc. After training for about 15 months, Magda discovered Pilates. As she continued to include Pilates into her exercise regimen, she noticed how much quicker she was able to achieve her pre-pregnancy weight goal. Furthermore, she enjoyed how it made her feel.

"It gave me a great sense of flexibility and ease in movement as I did things throughout the day. After performing Pilates, I always felt as if someone had magically put oil on my joints. Also, it provided me with more leaner and toned muscles while providing me more flexibility."


After continuing to study and practice Pilates during her second and third pregnancies, Magda decided to become a Pilates instructor so that she could share the benefits of Pilates with others. Magda studied and trained at the Pilates Center of Boulder for over a year, then obtained her Pilates Certification through the Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Program, certified by BASI Master Instructor and Faculty Member, Kristi Cooper-White. [Kristi is Oprah Winfrey’s Pilates Instructor along with many other celebrities.]

Magda is a third generation descendent teacher of the Pilates method and has trained over 8 years with Cara Reeser, a disciple of Kathy Grant, who was a direct protégé of Joseph Pilates. Magda completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program under Cara Reeser in 2012 and she completed her Advanced Master’s Program in Pilates from the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder in May 2016 with Rachel Taylor Segel and Amy Alpers. [Rachel and Amy trained under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' protege and inheritor of his studio in NYC].

“The body is the best-engineered tool ever made. Every engineering principle and aspect is visible through the human body. I found Pilates to be a great way to combine my love of science with understanding the motion of human anatomy. Furthermore, it is an enrichment of one’s body through great focus of the mind.”


Magda finds Pilates inspiration in her travels to Egypt!

Magda truly believes in the importance of adhereing to the principles of precision, breath, control and alignment as set forth by Joseph Pilates in “Return to Life through Contrology”. And unlike teachers who encountered Pilates from a dance or athletic background. Magda brings a unique perspective to practicing and teaching with her engineering and science background:

Magda's clients rave about her contagious passion and great communication. Her love of teaching is evident as she makes every client feel welcome and supported. And she knows exactly how to personalize each session and help her clients achieve their goals.